Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Seizing the Opportunity

Since my family cut costs last February, I rarely get the advantage to surf the net. That means, I’ve to grab this moment, type quickly, and make the best out of this once in a while luck.

Well, well, it’s April already and it’s my 2nd year here. Many things happened on my life but much as I wanted to post it here, I couldn’t do so for I got a limited time only. The biggest highlight on this month of the Blessed Sacrament, though, was that on Maundy Thursday, my family attended Mass and stayed till midnight to accompany Our Lord reposing on the altar. It was truly edifying to know that all of the family members present went to confession that day. Alas, what could be more pleasing to Our Lord than receiving these 2 Sacraments frequently and worthily!

In his sermon, the visiting priest explicitly reminded the faithful to constantly fix their minds towards Our Lord’s suffering on the Cross – without which Heaven’s gate wouldn’t be opened and thus our eternal misery. May I never lose sight of this wonderful redemption so that I would be slow in sinning and advance in sanctity.

Oh Blessed Virgin, grant our souls always pleasing to thee and thy Son that Thou would ever dwell in us! Amen.

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