Thursday, October 15, 2009

Foolish Heart (August 20, 2009, Thursday)

Romantic love is the most common favorite topic of the youth these days and to my total amazement, I found out that it’s common as well among fellow traditionalists. I find it so base to talk about because it is most of the time filled with intolerable heartache if not indecency. It’s not that I don’t find any interest on that. After all, I have had a lot of experience on that.

Recently, I learned of a fellow traditionalist’s story of romantic love. He was heartbroken and couldn’t move on. He even shared a “9 Painful Things” which goes on to be (for him) truly painful. I don’t know but it sucks. It sounded equally foolish as well.

Can anyone be as so significant that it can’t be seen on others? Or is it just the emotion that’s dragging oneself beneath the past? Sure, there’s a time for getting over but many years is already sufficient. Dreaming must give way to reality and one must move ahead.

Immaturity is the only thing that keeps the heart enclosed still on that former love. For it cannot be fidelity to the love that’s not already valid. Yes, to continue loving someone who stops loving you is just like chasing the wind when you perfectly know you can’t truly beat it.

It’s not that I don’t sympathize. As a matter of fact, I’ve been through that. But just like in everything, there are stages. And so must be on this game of love.

Romantic love should be rational. There must be commitment but it ceases as well the moment the other one chose to end it. It’s not for us to force someone to love us after all. Otherwise, it isn’t love but selfishness. It must be understood that most of the time, anything that’s not solemnize can never be permanent. The past is there to be a tool for us on the next time around. And risking to love once more is just another trial for simply getting the best.

One needed not be discouraged if he finds nothing constant. For Our Lord is always rich in mercy and will never tempt us beyond our strength. God’s will is not our ways and we must simply strive to be better - while submitting ourselves wholly to our Creator. As St. Augustine rightly puts it: “Evil exists either so that the sinner may convert or that by it the just may be tried.”

Going back to the “9 Painful Things”, I’ve enumerated mine here which I believe are honestly painful. Read on.

9 Painful Things

9. Time flying fast.
8. Knowing too much.
7. Having complicated life.
6. Standing alone.
5. Experiencing wrong principles as right ones.
4. Forgiving worst injuries done to you.
3. Accepting your weakness.
2. Seeing God too much desecrated. and above all
1. Offending God who had suffered much for you.

Oh Immaculate Heart of Mary, on this month dedicated to thee, I ask that thou shelter those who’re heartbroken. Give them the necessary grace to struggle for the ultimate good! Amen.

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