Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Date to Remember (October 20, 2010, Wednesday)

March 8 was something worth remembering over and over again for it was the date of His Excellency Bp. Fellay’s visit in GenSan. I was lucky enough that we had no class and blessed still for being able to persuade my family to join me.

Phela Grande Hotel was the venue chosen for the bishop’s Mass and conference. And when we came there, I asked one of the faithful if the bishop was staying on the same hotel. The reply I got was no. He was in Sydney Hotel which is located very near on a Catholic Church run by the Passionist priests. I wonder if His Excellency got to see it from his hotel window.

About 45 minutes later, as we were seated already waiting for the Mass to commence, I was trying to search if His Excellency has arrived already. And as my head turned around, I saw the bishop smiling as he was being surrounded by the faithful to ask for his blessing. It was my first time to see him personally and he was very much like the photos I’ve seen of him - a cheerful bishop who’s fond of taking pictures. Once, I read that he was dubbed as an amateur photographer. Indeed, he had a camera on hand and took pictures around and about.

He was a down to earth bishop but full of wisdom when he speaks. During his hour long sermon, the bishop used simple metaphors to explain sophisticated matters regarding the Faith. His voice was gentle yet his manners showed an air of determination. He taught the importance of living the Faith even if it meant a lot of sacrifices. He also didn’t forget to thank the faithful for their participation of the Rosary Crusade. The bishop also encouraged everyone to be always prayerful and watchful that the devil may not caught us off guard.

After Mass, there he was praying the Divine Office kneeling in one of the corner there but in front of the Crucifix. I was awed on this gesture that I took a picture of this. Now, it is preserved on my computer photo album. Anyways, dinner was later served and everybody had a hearty meal. The bishop was on an elevated platform together with the only priest present Fr. Ghela and other ranking persons too. After dinner, it was learned that there wouldn’t be any conference already due to time constraint. It was already 10pm and instead they opted for a picture taking with the bishop. When our turn came, I handed something to His Excellency and asked for his signature. He was beaming with joy as he readily granted my request and signed an autograph.

It was indeed a wonderful night. Having met the SSPX Superior General face to face, I was confident that the Society is in good hands. Truly, His Excellency is a man of prayer with a sound prudence. The few hours I’ve spent with him were enough to convince anyone that the Society was right in voting for him as their head once again. For if the head is virtuous, it naturally follows that the body would be virtuous too. And more often than not, experience proves this to be true.

Critics say that the Superior General has been extreme in both sides. Novus Ordo Catholics state that he is rigid in not giving up to Vatican II while sedevacantists condemn his continued negotiations with the Vatican officials. Neither charge is true. He is simply doing what God wants him to do so that God’s will be done on earth as it is Heaven. This may not be popular but it is rightly so. The late Arbp. Lefebvre must be smiling to His Excellency these days. For even though the tempest winds blow, his Society is fastened in chains of Rosaries and Holy Masses wherein there dwell pious religious men and women consecrated to God and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Oh Lord my God, Thou alone knowest when the moment will come when all Thy people will worship Thee in the right way. I ask that Thou give the Society ample strength to persevere till that time comes! Amen.

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