Monday, December 27, 2010

Guillain–Barré Syndrome

I was shocked to know that Fr. Salvador is having this sickness. It was dreadful to realize since it can paralyze the whole body as it slowly progresses. My mind was bewildered thinking on what lies ahead on Fr. Salvador’s life.

Looking back, Fr. Salvador was the very first Filipino Society priest I had known ever since my family got converted to Catholic Tradition. This priest, who was the second Filipino Society priest, was just spending his second year priesthood life way back then at Our Lady of Victories Church in Manila. It was then we got to know his vibrant and high spirited character. His easy going manners exactly fitted him to various countries in Asia doing missionary work and it even led him as far as the deserts of Africa. Indeed, his 11 years in the priesthood certainly gave him a colorful missionary life.

Hence, I couldn’t imagine him being paralyzed. One faithful told us that his left side is already paralyzed and a priest informed that he’s on the hospital recovering. Oh well, this must have been his first Christmas without a mission. Aside from his sickness, he must have probably been suffering terribly from his different status in life.

Yet I know there should always be a light of hope. I kept praying for him the moment I learned it on Christmas eve. I know that prayers are not man’s wishes being done on earth but God’s will. Thus, I’ve been asking God to give Father the necessary graces to accept anything as an offering to Him. I know he can grasp it since he loved God so purely that he chose to be an Alter Christus more than anything. Yet, human weakness is ever present and this is the one thing I’m afraid about him. The best thing I could offer him now is the Mass. I hope and pray that he’ll never fall into desperation and that through all oddities, he may still regain his vigor of youthful vivacity and simplicity.

Oh Blessed Virgin, grant that thou would shower Father multiple graces in his present situation. May it please the Most Triune God to restore him perfectly to his normal condition. But if not, I ask that thou continue intercede for his behalf that he may be faithful to his sublime vocation till thou welcome him on the eternal bliss of Heaven! Amen.

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