Thursday, September 01, 2011


One can never catch the many months that passed by so as to write it down here. Indeed, it’s more than half a year since I last posted and how I miss gathering my thoughts.

Ever since returning home to Manila last February, I was even busy with my life. Still, I made it a point to finish my prayers. It has been a sense of fulfillment to me despite not being able to blog here.

Manila was indeed my home but Mindanao taught me many lessons. I was indeed grateful on my 7 long years stay there. Things aren’t costly and fruits are so abundant you can eat it everyday. I actually lost my appetite on fruits already due to this! Mindanao became my 2nd home and I definitely won’t get lost there if I were to come back again. People are charming there and would always love to chit-chat with everyone. My Mindanao experience was worth remembering indeed.

But Manila is awesome for this was the very root where I got converted to Sacred Catholic Tradition. Mindanao surely strengthened my Catholic Faith and I realized more than ever that I prefer to be with God’s presence than those entire tall scrapers rising amidst this country’s capital.

Fulfillment is something that we call our very existence of living. For if we do not live to fulfill it, we feel like not living at all. As for me, my fulfillment is to be everything what God wants me to be. And I might say that I’m half to fulfilling it. For with each day passing by, there’s a desire to fulfill. But if God doesn’t want it yet, we’d certainly ran out of course and end up waiting for the next day to arrive.

Such is my life these days. I live, knowing my goals and keeping myself at tracked. And if I but failed it, I may be distressed but in the end of the day, there’s a whisper echoing at me that tomorrow is there to attain it once more.

Life is not what we expect it to be but what we must accept and reflect it to be what God deigns it to be. Such should be our daily motivation that in this world, there’d be less evil and more good.

What can be nobler than to love Him Who loved us first? And what could be lovelier to do than to do what He wants us to do? But one cannot simply find it alone. One needs to get the grace which mostly can be found in the Sacraments of Penance and Holy Communion. There and there, can only one realize the true meaning of life here on earth. It’s a war to wage - a spiritual fight against materialism.

Oh Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph, grant me thy graces that I may find Our Lord comfortable in my heart. I am all thine, and grant that thy desires would also be mine! Amen.

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