Monday, June 04, 2007

Longing For Him

Rainy days have come for us here in the Islands. Still, my life is dry and incomplete. I wanted to be near to God always and everytime, I hope that day would finally arrive. I could not possibly see why God still want me to be far away from Him. I’ve asked God to open my parents’ hearts in allowing me to enter for religious life. But I still couldn’t find His answer. Maybe, God wants me to wait a little longer. Or maybe it’s the devil. Sigh. I really don’t know.

Thus, I’ve decided to talk again to Fr. Couture about this. Soon, I would then let him know that I’ll be waiting for my 21st birthday as I read from the Catechism that children should wait till 21 before going against their parents’ wishes. But I guess I’d be following Father’s final decision.

Actually, I’m not financially able to go to Manila where the pre-postulancy is located. Yeah. That’s one big factor why I couldn’t leave.

Anyways, I guess the start of June was a great thing. I learned that Mom’s results were good. All she just need is to continue her medicines and to keep her strict diet. I really hope and pray she’ll be back to normal soon. I mean, her everything - her kidney, blood, and heart.

Last Thursday, I browsed on other blogs and saw two wonderful ones. First, it’s the “Let’s be friends” blog who’s full of adorable animal pics. Not only that but what’s more is appreciating how they have an unusual friendship. Find out more there!

Second, it’s “The Way of Chi” who have a cute pug photo named Angie when I visited it. It’s so nice to know how many people love God’s creature! It’s indeed comforting for me who have lost 6 beautiful dogs before…

Last Saturday was the last Ember day. And although it wasn’t required for lay people, I still fasted. It’s my little offering to God to appease His anger on us mankind. It was hard and sometimes I was tempted to quit. But by the grace of God, I happily made it.

By the way, I did finish studying the other religion I was talking about. And I’m much focusing now on Theology. I wouldn’t be studying two subjects at a time since I find it hard to do so. My brain needs concentration to fully grasp the main thought, I guess.

Nonetheless, I found out that I could read other stuffs as long as it does not contradict the one I’m currently studying. So, here’s my list of subjects: Theology, True Devotion to Our Lady, the current SSPX Asian newsletter, and part of Mystical City of God book 2.

As always, I’m busy and sometimes I just don’t know what to write given my hectic life. But I do know that somewhere along, I’ll always search my feelings, get a topic, and create another post here.

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