Friday, June 15, 2007


After being gone for so many days, I finally made it to come up here again.

It was because my family is cutting costs and so it all happened that I rarely get online these days. Too bad. Although I know I was fairly doing it wise in my internet time, I need to trim it down even more.

My brother got a boarding room in his working place as his schedule is sometimes on night shift. Mom had already made things so that he’ll be doing and performing well in his work.

I’m so happy to inform that I already finished studying the Theology I was talking about. It’s really a pleasure to learn new things most especially spiritual ones. Oh yes, aside from the other book I mentioned earlier, I’ve also included on my list my most favorite book: The Heart of the Mass by Sarto House Publications. Who knows I might be someday including my fave saint book: St. Joan of Arc by Chanoine Justin Rousseil. Ahuh, the list goes on and on… But hey, the topics are still focused on Catholicism.

The negative side is that Mom requested me to study Accounting. It was the books of my eldest sister that she was asking me to study. Well, I don’t like it but I’m doing it. I have no choice. I need to do it for the love of my dearest Mom.

I decided to leave every worldly things and that means I have to call off my postings, say goodbye to all fan forums, and open my heart to a deeper union with God. I wanted to be occupied wholly by God so I thought of shutting off anything that would be displeasing to His august presence. I began to appreciate meditation. Indeed, one has to detach from any worldly enticement in order to find the perfect contemplation with God.

My God, Thou alone suffice and permit me not to offend Thee anymore. I wish to be emptied so as to be filled with Thy divine love and teachings. Help me to strive for a holier life and be in intimate conversation with Thee. My Blessed Mother, I humbly ask for thy intercession. Assist me so I can better discern God’s presence dwelling in me. Oh my Lady, transform me into what Thou wishes so that my soul will constantly reflect that pleasing thee is a sure way of attaining perfect intimacy with the Threefold God. Amen.

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