Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Carol

It may be late for yuletide caroling but yesterday night, the Apostles of Mary (a traditionalist Catholic youth group founded by the SSPX exclusively for the youths in the Philippines) came to do carols. The intention was to raise funds for their coming formation sessions next year in Bohol. I personally dislike that kind of activity. I’d rather attend many Ignatian retreats and get a lot of inspirations and strong spirituality formation there than spend it on those formation sessions. But then, people’s metabolism is not always the same. Some would be inspired through constant activities while some are inspired through meditations and sermons. That’s me on the latter while I guess the majority of people falls on the first definition. And perhaps, that’s what the Apostles are catering.

Anyways, when they arrived, I found out they’re still numbering in 8. Yup, this isn’t their first time but their 2nd already. Most of them aren’t from the group but they decided to come along to help cheering the voices up. 6 were young men including the Captain of the Koronodal’s San Miguel Clan while 3 were girls who’re still aspirants for the group, I guess.

I truly appreciate their voices. It was melodious and all together coordinated. It’s as if they did a lot of rehearsing which climaxed in our home. I love most especially when they sang Latin ones but most especially the Ave Maria. Oh my, my heart was leaping for joy as I was hearing that. I couldn’t imagine that they (who’re simple and plain) can, by now, compete with those in the orchestra. The girls weren’t reading anything but they confidently know what they’re voices would be singing when the men sang other parts of the Ave. Simply put, I was thoroughly amazed for the new outlook of the Apostles. They are much more pious. I think credits must go partly to their new chaplain, Fr. Dolotina (himself a former Apostles and now enjoying his 2nd year in the priesthood).

After the singing, they took some photos with their gifts (Mom gave them some snacks). I could see that they’re feeling happy (with their smiling faces) but they just couldn’t express it on words perhaps because of the conflict recently or shyness too. Then Mom gave the money.

But then again, I hear my siblings blaming me (directly or indirectly) for the added expenses. It’s so painful but I learned to accept it with a glad heart already. I denied my emotions and acted as if every insult is passing from one ear to the other.

Now that this is the last day of the year, I wish everyone a meaningful New Year most especially my Dad. I love you, Dad, and wherever you are, may you find God in your heart and peace and happiness still.

As 2008 enters, I’d be more loyal to my New Year’s Resolution and continue hoping that God and the Blessed Virgin would guide my whole life.

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