Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Getting To Appreciate Things

Recently, my family switched from reading PDI newspaper to Philippine Star newspaper. Actually, I couldn’t just imagine on what good I would ever get to read from there. It’s so dull plus a bit clichéd. And unlike the PDI, I hardly know their writers and editors. I was still skeptical about it when Mom brought another one last week.

So, I skimped through the papers and found their usual unattractive style. I thought of reading some articles with interesting titles until I glimpsed the caption: “What would Jesus do?”. At first sight, one thing that crossed my mind is that the author is Protestant as the illustration on his article portrayed a laughing Christ with an apple and a book under it on His hand. Well, the picture had an impression of a Protestant look and so I decided to read it last. His views might probably be anti- Catholic.

I finally came there and as I read on the few paragraphs, I realized I was mistaken. He is a Catholic. Comforted to know that, I read it with great enthusiasm. He was talking about patience and even more patience. That on every negative thing he happened to face, he’d ask himself: What would Jesus do in my position?

It was a good thing that there’s still a Catholic who still think the right thinking. And that he’s not ashamed to write about it publicly in an almost godless newspaper.

Anyway, Lent is coming already and we need to practice mortification and patience. Time to accept more humiliation with discretion. It’s really a good exercise for each and everyone to ponder this: If our Lord Jesus Christ Whose spotless was beaten and insulted with so much hatred and yet patiently accepted it, how much more should I - a poor wretched sinner - not accept it with a resigned heart? God knows everything and sees that it’s better for us to have this or that kind of trials.

Last Sunday’s epistle ended with: My grace is sufficient for thee: for power is perfected in weakness. Gladly, therefore, will I glory in mine infirmities, that the power of Christ may dwell in me.

Indeed, He would never leave us provided that we ask His guidance through the loving intercession of our Blessed Virgin Mary.

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