Thursday, February 05, 2009

Time to Rejoice!

January 21st was certainly a great event for the SSPX. For on the feast of the Roman virgin-martyr St. Agnes, Rome proclaimed and issued a decree that the excommunication was null and void. I believe it’s not only those who’re attached to Tradition that should rejoice but the whole Catholic Church as well for it is the beginning of a new and genuine life replacing the poisonous and almost dead Catholicism nowadays.

It is definitely worth to cite Bp. Williamson’s remark on this account. How can the SSPX not rejoice in the opportunity to lay out in Rome, before the Roman authorities themselves, the profound doctrinal reasons which we believe to be at the root of the Church's present distress? Woe unto us Catholics of Tradition if we were not ready to give reason for that hope which is in us for the rescue of the Church!

Finally, no bishop from the hierarchy can dare accuse us, SSPX faithful, as excommunicated or schismatic. Gone are the days of harsh libels by those who’re in authority for Vatican had already spoken.

Such is yet another tremendous gift from Heaven sent (of course) through the loving hands of Our Lady. Those Rosaries that we had pledged to her certainly didn’t go unheard for it was unceasingly round-the-clock. Hence, all of us should indeed return gratitude to her. A gratitude that’s worthy and not simply passing by. I guess all of us know what it means to give laudably and it’s not really exaggerating.

I consider it was also bestowed to the SSPX for their firm resolve to love God above all else - cost what may, and their authentic love to the Blessed Virgin. In everywhere you go, whether in sermon or in confession, in preaching or in casual talk, the Holy Name of the Virgin is always expounded.

Nonetheless, now that we have a door to Rome doesn’t mean that everything is fine. It’s not about shaking hands and saying it’s over. Rather, it’s about shaking hands and saying let’s talk about the real issues why the Catholic Church is going down and almost sinking. Hence, we should continue praying to the Virgin Mother of God as Bp. Fellay quoted in his parting words to the faithful: we now ask from her the necessary doctrinal clarifications which confused souls so much need.

Oh Blessed Mother, teach us, humility that we may ever more perfect thy Son’s teaching that whosoever therefore shall humble as this little child, he shall be greater in the kingdom of heaven! Amen.

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