Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back again (September 21, 2010, Tuesday)

The last months of 2009 and year 2010 turned out as very busy time for me. My brothers did OJT in GenSan while Christmas tide was hanging around at the same time. When January came, I was due (along with my sister) to study Healthcare Services NCII in GenSan. It was to last until the end of March. Then on April, I was burnt out studying the book of Kozier and Erb’s Fundamentals of Nursing. May saw the departure of my eldest brother to Manila; the beginning of Healthcare classes of my other 2 sisters (now they’re preparing for the final test this coming Friday); and my studying of Carl Balita’s nursing review book while at the same time having a part time job (still in GenSan) that lasted till June. July saw me preparing again for another nursing enhancement: Basic IV Therapy in St. Alexius College here in Koronadal City. This month also my brother did another OJT in GenSan till August. Then on September, we were busy again as we prepared for his departure to Manila. And as I was thinking of posting here, I caught a cold and forced me to take a few rest once more. Truly, it left me no time to compose my thoughts till this moment came. Finally, I am slowly recovering and I shall begin to collect those things I want to write here.

Oh my Blessed Virgin Mother, I thank thee for regaining my health again and for giving me the strength to hold on. Please keep me faithful to God till the end! Amen.

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