Saturday, September 25, 2010

My life as a Healthcare Student (September 22, 2010, Wednesday)

It was partly exhausting and exciting at the same time.

Exhausting since we have to commute almost everyday from Koronadal to GenSan. Sometimes, only getting a few hours of sleep. Plus, having to wear white uniforms, it was difficult. During my first days, it was a mess as I returned home with spots here or there. Gradually, I learned the art of maintaining its spotless e.g. checking first your seat before sitting on and taking care of your bag not to get soiled.

Exciting since I never thought I’d instantly fell in love with nursing. It is quite similar on being a nun - only a bit liberal but has the same essence of forgetting one’s self and learning to put yourself to other souls. What’s more, our teacher was very friendly and can be likened to just an older sister. She eventually became our CI as well. And another thing is that one of the school’s instructors is a long time SSPX traditionalist. This is really a bonus! We’d always greet each other whenever we happened to bumped by each other. Once, she even accompanied us in our lunch and had a chit chat.

Anyways, during our short classroom sessions, we were taught to do vital signs and other nursing duties e.g. handwashing, PPE, and bedmaking to name a few. This curriculum also included other related learning experience and a 5 different exposures so as to allow more real life nursing situation and to enhance the field of study.

Summing it up, this experience left a different kind of sensation to me. It reminded me how blessed I am still to have a life that’s worth calling a good life. It gave me more compassion for the infirm for truly, a sick person need not just warmth but a lending ear to talk to. And lastly, it taught me even more how God is all omnipotent - that in each and every situation, He is there holding and guiding each and every one for His greater honor and glory.

Oh Lord my God, grant that all who seek Thy help earnestly may soon find comfort. Teach us to love the life that Thou hast bestowed on us and to make good on it. Grant that as we journey along the way, the Blessed Virgin will lead us to doing Thy will! Amen.

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