Friday, August 10, 2007

Hey, My Very First Blog For This Month

It’s August already and Dad came for a scheduled working trip. This day, Mom and Dad went to GenSan for Dad’s laboratory tests. They also decided to withdraw the apartment there since it has no use for the current time.

When they got home, I learned that Dad’s lab results weren’t good. Sigh. I just hope it is still the work of Divine Providence…

Oh well how could I describe my day? I guess it’s a mixture of sorrow and happiness. Sorrow in the sense that I couldn’t be nearer to God. Happy in the sense that my parents are doing well with each other. My siblings? Well, they’re okay but sibling rivalry is sometimes there. Gosh, not so admiring.

Oh Lord my God, teach me to bear all these trials. Many unpleasant days will still drag along but I hope in Thee. Help me not to fall away from attaining my goal - Heaven.

Oh Blessed Virgin Mary intercede for me as I’m beginning to wane again. Reach out thy hand for my frail hand that I’ll always overcome this. Oh my Mother, the pain is getting deeper and deeper that sometimes I don’t know if it will still heal. Nonetheless, I’ll always trust in thee for I assuredly know that thou art more powerful that all the evils in this world. Enlighten me and be near to me that I may always be a better girl! Amen.

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