Friday, September 07, 2007

Mom and the SSPX

Mom retuned to Manila last Monday to do some family matters. At the airport (though I don’t know if it’s GenSan or Manila), she told us how she met a man with a black soutane. Mom approached him and asked: “Good afternoon, Father, what congregation do you belong?” “SSPX…” came the reply. “Are you traditionalist?” continued Mom who wanted to verify. “Yes, are you?” the man replied once more. “Oh yes,” Mom said smilingly. Then he told Mom that he’s not priest but just a brother, (actually, Mom doesn’t know how an SSPX brother looks like) and informed her too that he’d be going to OLVC.

Well that was an interesting story. Indeed the SSPX are very famous in airports. One way or the other the SSPX meet each other to do Mass apostolate, district meetings/reassignments, and sometimes vacations as well.

Anyways, it was good Mom was able to come back home in Manila. She told us many news but unfortunately she didn’t drop by at OLVC. That’s very disheartening for me.

O Lord, when wilt Thou completely convert Mom to Sacred Catholic Tradition? Nevertheless, I trust in Thee and I’ll never lose hope. If it pleases Thy majesty that this may last longer, so be it, my Lord. Just give me the grace to remain steadfast in Thy will. Amen.

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