Saturday, October 13, 2007

Much News

[This one is supposed to be on September 24, 2007, Monday. However, I ran out of internet time. - Editor's Note]

There are so many things that happened in the past weeks but I wasn’t able to get back. As always, my day is very hectic and I barely get the time to update my blog.

Anyhow, let me enumerate them here.

On September 12, Mom went to Davao for her medical check up which was 2 months due already. Great thing though, that her laboratory tests were good. Deo Gratias! Though when I read her results, I found out it’s still not good. Her creatinine is not normal yet and her potassium went up but on the normal range still. Of course, the results give us hope and encouragement and I just simply have to be positive. I was really happy about it that on that day, I prayed another Te Deum upon learning it! The doctor even adjusted her medical check up routine to every space of 3 months so that she could cope up. I just hope Mom would be already normal. But then, it’s up to God once again.

Come September 19, it was supposed to be a great celebration but since it’s Ember I fasted. No, don’t get me wrong, it’s not required. It’s just that I opted sacrificing. I’m not sure if what I did was a sin. And if it was, I have the very reason to be excused coz I didn’t know it at that time (even for now). I’d certainly not do anything that’s sinful to God.

Then on the following night, Mom went to Mrs. Ghela and I learned of how the Motu Proprio is taking effect here in the diocese. It’s a Latin Novus Ordo Mass. Same old thing and it’s crazy. That’s not what His Holiness stated on his Motu Proprio. I just hope the Catholic Bishops here would follow what the Pope really said and not invent things as they wish.

Oh well, that’s how I am at the moment. One more thing, there are frequent power interruptions in our area and it’s agitating. I have to extend and advance things due to this nemesis and the result is always the burnt out me. Miserable that I am, but then I know I must suffer gladly and patiently for God’s sake and to atone for my sins too.

Actually, I have a slight headache once more. I didn’t realize it but just now when I was writing. Still, I want to pour out my day here. That’s why I’m not getting over here. By the way, I skipped lunch once more!

Anyways, Mom went to Davao to mail her letter for her sister Aunt Bett in US. Last call from her informed me that she’s bound home already. So maybe, she’d be home around 7-8 pm.

Oh, yesterday I read “that through many tribulations, one must enter heaven.” Yes, that was the words of St. Paul in Acts. In other words, I must toil hard and fight the good fight.

About myself, I feel so void tonight. Why is it that I find myself lax these days? I’m not sure if I’m quick to anger but it’s like my old habits are coming back. It’s not good and I must change. I better change before it’s too late. I must rewind back my steps and retrace once more Jesus’ path. I must be patient and stop complaining even for a while.

O my God, I’m so sorry for my deeds today. Help me as I look on Jesus’ life once more. Please give me good merits so that I may faithfully serve Thee. Banish from it all that is offensive to Thee and make me well again.

O my Lord Jesus Christ, have pity on me. As I lay down to sleep this night, please refresh my whole self so that tomorrow, I may walk on Thy ways and persevere till the end! Amen.

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