Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First Year

My blog is a year old now and looking back, it’s still amazing how I came to create this. Well, my first post here is about a Hollywood actor’s forum page I made somewhere. Now, it’s so silly how I fool myself about it. I know it’s not edifying and finally I’ve the courage to say goodbye to that. Rather, let me invite you in this newly created traditional Catholic forum:

Many things had happened to my life this month and I wish to narrate it here but I’m still busy as usual. I hope to be back here soon when I got more time. Nevertheless, here’s one major incident.

This month of the Holy Eucharist, I’m glad to expound that I was able to receive my God twice! Yes, Mom’s finally back in hearing the Traditional Latin Mass and hopefully it’d continue forever. "We all need to be close to Him - the Source of all graces and blessings," so said one SSPX priest upon learning of Mom’s return in receiving the Sacraments frequently. True enough, there’s no cross that heavy with Him, no happiness that blissful without Him Who redeemed us, and lastly no temptation that enticing with Him Who was conceived by a Virgin.

I’d finally reiterate to everyone to confide their woes and joys to the Immaculate Lady. She’s always waiting for us to come near her and ever much ready to assist us with her sublime prerogatives. If only we know how to ask God abundant graces, then we’d always unite our will to His Daughter’s for she’s been full of grace ever since!

Oh my Blessed Virgin, to thee do I’ve recourse. Help me and guide me as I tread this world that I may always be an instrument of God and that my joy would be full! Amen.

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