Saturday, June 21, 2008


Just few days ago, I saw a rainbow in the window and it’s really awesome. This time it’s sort of perfect as it got a bow from end to end. Oh my, it’s so breathtaking and it’s such a pity that it only lasted for a couple of minutes since sunset’s already coming. Well, the rainbow’s very much my life. It got a wide variety of color and not all are interesting but if you piece them together, you got a wonderful array of colors. I find myself pondering on my life on that occasion.

How’s my life? with God most especially? Am I really doing His will? Time and time again, I’ve always said, I’m going to make this and that for God but I never really do. It sucks. Now, I feel like stuck on a glue trying to lift off but with no avail. I made certain goals to attain sanctity in life but with my current life nowadays, I find myself deviating from that. It’s not funny nor something to be taken for granted. I must retrace back my life before it’s too late.

The weather isn’t good here and I got caught with cold. I don’t feel any better but perhaps, this is the time for me to recollect about my life. Indeed, I’ve been busy pleasing anybody save God - my greatest Benefactor. I didn’t know how far I’ve been through that until my body got this sickness. Fortunately, my body temperature is pretty normal.

As I move on, I still think of the rainbow. It happens only once in a while but it never fails to show up. Emitting brighter rays, the rainbow can still be a mirror of my life. Like I said above, it can be of any color but I’m always grateful that God bestows happiness after any ill effect of my life.

Oh, Lord my God, heal me from my infirmity. But grant also that my recovery would be a new life for me that I may serve Thee even more faithfully! Oh my Blessed Mother, have compassion upon thy daughter! Never let me sink into any sin and grant me the grace of patience that I may carry my sickness with a joyful heart!

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