Tuesday, July 24, 2007


[This one is supposed to be on July 15, 2007, Sunday. However, I ran out of internet time - Editor’s Note]

Last night, I couldn’t fall asleep easily. I tossed and turned around my bed and I felt so restless. The hour of 12 struck already but still I couldn’t be at ease.

It was because of my brother. That morning, he informed us that he’d be working for the last time on night. Then during at work, he forwarded a message of his trainer Glenda. The message was so encouraging that it left me pondering. I felt so miserable. I was thinking of my brother - of how he would ever cope up now that it’s over.

My brother is a different type of guy. Back home, he’d always share his stories about work. But during the past days, he was quiet yet jolly. Sometimes he would ask me questions that I decided to leave unanswered as I know it would be better for him to answer it by himself

I agree with my sisters. Why is it that when he got work, we missed his company? Yet now, why is it we regret that he’s home? I really don’t know why we feel this way.

From time to time, I’m wondering. Why is it that life never answered its own questions? Life would always leave you to find it. And most of the time, I get the wrong answer. Sigh. It is strange yet I know it is all God’s will. He turns the tide so strong because He wants us to look upon Him. God wants us to reconsider our life. To look upon the Blessed Virgin Mary for assistance and be faithful. Yet even so, God still want us to suffer patiently. For without it, one cannot attain peace with God.

By the way, I was so happy to know that Pope Benedict xvi had finally released the Motu Proprio for the liberalization of the Tridentine Mass. I just learned it this day when we met a traditional friend who gave us the SSPX Mindanao Bulletin. I rejoice with the SSPX. I also agree with them that difficulties still remain. Regarding the SSPX status on Rome, it is still not over. Yes, I believe that the SSPX has the right in claiming the withdrawal of the decree of excommunication which has so damaged the SSPX’s name.

May the unification of the Catholic Church into one, holy, Catholic, apostolic, and Tridentine Church. come soon. And may it always be under the holy mantle of the Virgin Mother of God! Amen.

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