Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sts. Peter and Paul

[This one is supposed to be on June 29, 2007, Friday. However, I ran out of internet time - Editor’s Note]

Today’s the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul and it’s one special day for the SSPX. Yes, this is the day wherein priests would be celebrating their priesthood anniversary and deacons would be ordained! I know for sure there would be ordinations at STAS (Saint Thomas Aquinas Seminary) as well as Econe, I guess. Deo Gratias! More priests are coming and coming. For priests, may you have many blessings ahead to sustain you! For deacons, good luck to your very first mission and may you be ever vibrant as in your seminary days! May Our Lady grant us many more religious priests who’d be a strong as the stand post and yet as meek as our Lord Jesus Himself is!

I would like to greet a happy 8th year anniversary to Fr. Salvador and a happy 6th year anniversary to Fr. Saa!!! If you will remember, both priests are Filipinos who are assigned outside their home country’s mission.

Mom went to GenSan for a room blessing (the one she rented for my brother) by one of the visiting priests. Mom said that in case the SSPX priest couldn’t make it - she’d opt for a Novus Ordo priest instead. Well, that’s not nice. I still hope Father could make it. Let’s see.

Before I end, I’d like to share here about how every morning when I wake up to pray my usual morning prayers downstairs, there is a lizard who never fails to accompany me. I don’t know but maybe because I open the light and it finds prey (flying tiny insects) there. As for me, I came to appreciate it. It’s like everytime, it’s the first creature down here to greet me good morning. Isn’t that a unique experience and exhilarating to start one’s day?!

Mom also told me this day, that I talk most of the time when I sleep at night! Weird. I don’t even know it and last night, I didn’t even have a dream. All I know was that I was awaken twice when Mom called my brother at work since he was night shift. And mind you, I didn’t hear myself. Or was I that sleepy? But no, I remember very well Mom’s conversation at the cellphone with my brother. I really don’t understand what Mom’s telling me about that. She also said it bothers her but I wonder how can I help when all the time I don’t even recognize my being “talkative” at night. Is there someone out there who can give me advice? Or maybe, prayers would miraculously work. God willing.

That would be all for this day. More on the coming tomorrows. Please don’t forget to pray for me. Thanks once more!

Let me end this with a short prayer: Dear Jesus and Mary, please may my heart always be near to Thine! Amen.

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