Saturday, October 13, 2007

Blood Diamond

[This one is supposed to be on September 27, 2007, Wednesday. However, I ran out of internet time. - Editor's Note]

I never thought I’m going to watch it but then I realized it concerns many souls and so I watched.

Yes, Mom bought that VCD and we all have to watch it. All I can say it was action packed and the hidden beauty of Sierra Leone amidst its civil war on 1999.

But what caught my attention most was the vibrant ex-soldier turned syndicate Danny Aocho. From the moment he entered the picture, my heart followed his whereabouts on that movie. At first, I thought he was simply a bad guy who wants money with diamonds. But delving deeper and as the film continues its story, Danny related his life. He was an orphan and at the age of 9 his mother died. I presume he enlisted in the Army because he has no family to turn to already. From there, he got all the military tactics and mustered it all his life. The Colonel who trained him admitted Danny is better than him. So you can just imagine Danny’s character. He is strong and can fight alone. He would push on anything as long as it meant money matters. In short, he is the type of guy who fears nothing — cost what it may.

Anyway, back to Danny’s life, when he was serving in the military, he thought they were fighting against terrorists. But it was just a front ─ the real thing is the diamonds. Danny was so intrigued that he said something like this “Why not dig my own diamonds?” And so, his life of syndicating began.

Then things went complicated when the fisherman and the photographer entered his life. I would say his life changed and he became a better person. The fisherman disturbed his syndicating life while the photographer allowed him to pour the real Danny inside. He admitted he is not a good guy and is not content on his life. Indeed, there’s lacking on him and it’s God. I pitied him and if I have to judge if his soul should be dammed or not, I think it would be saved.

Throughout the film, Danny helped the fisherman find his lost family and his son who was illegally conscripted by the rebels. Although there was always a vested interest, Danny was able to make the family complete once more and risked his life just to make it sure the fisherman and his son are safe.

He was indeed a soldier who’d protect the civilians and yet his heart is torn between greed and fairness. Danny was desperately trying to find the meaning of his life and he only got it shortly before he died. I don’t know why it was hidden from him but maybe because God willed it that way.

This story is only fictional but one could really relate itself. There are many people out there who didn’t know their lives’ meaning until the end. Some are lucky enough to have the grace to remain good but most choose to be bad. It is because they never knew the Holy Sacrifice of Mass and the Sacraments. These days, the true meaning of life is already lost if not forgotten. It pains me to know about Danny’s life but then I believe he was lucky enough to find his real life. He was lost but I guess God was merciful and just and held him back. He may have to suffer for a while but rest assured — he’s saved.

Thus, the need to pray. For all those who have no meaning in their lives and for all those who are persevering. For the latter to remain steadfast and for the other one for the grace of conversion.

O Blessed Virgin Mary, teach them to love God’s ways. Many souls are lost because of sin. But have mercy on them. O Blessed Lady, keep them and grant them the grace of final perseverance or complete conversion. O Queen of heaven and earth, to thee do I entrust souls who are desperately in need of thy light.

O merciful Heart of Jesus, have pity on the souls Whom Thou hast redeemed by shedding Thy blood and dying on the Cross! Amen.

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