Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Falling and Rising (July 27, 2009, Monday)

The death of a loved one, getting low grades, or having an accident are all considered a big loss. Well, who wouldn’t?

It is something that cannot be naively forgotten. The word disgrace may be the right term and for most people, it cannot be remedied already. It is there like a wound that can’t be healed. Thus, some sink into desperation, others couldn’t recover, and worst of all, some commit suicide to end the misery that the human body is experiencing.

Our human intellect is mostly governed by the mere senses we easily grasp. And sometimes, it is unfortunately hampered to ponder over and deeper the meaning of life. Nowadays, people are beset on mulling less of what truly matters most and more of what the flagrant passion desires. Human weakness and native blindness is sadly and closely suffocating the people all around.

Indeed, I may be one of them. Finding myself stumbling from the same awkward situation, I thought of simply forgetting all good habits I’ve developed. It’s useless since I couldn’t sustain it. After all, it’s a lot easier to remain falling rather than rising up again for it requires a greater effort more than one had maintained.

Time and time again, conscience - or more explicitly - the soul is telling us to be better. That if we can’t run, then perhaps we can walk. And if we can’t walk, perhaps we should crawl. Getting back to stage 1 like a baby who’s learning to stand by himself may be an irony for those who’ve reached incredible heights on achieving things. But it is there where one can find out how to proceed on acquiring better virtues.

The nerve to move ahead despite difficulties should remind us of Our Lord’s passion. For just as He continued His way to Calvary, so should we tread this painful world. Sinless that He is, He chose to suffer for mankind. How much more of us who are immense sinners?

Losing a battle should be a lesson to be taken seriously. Success can never be without failure. For when one constantly wins, the tendency to stop from attaining worthier merits is likely to occur. A scar may remain in each plummet but it doesn’t really matter if one thinks that it’s there as a memento to avoid such fateful mishap.

Like a pencil that needs to be sharpened when it’s already worn out, so should be that person tumbling from a momentous climb. There should the person begin to write in a new page with vivacity and brighter strokes. Contemplating always in mind Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin would make it even brilliant for They had already set an example. As a matter of fact, it is only up to us to follow with all humility and perfect submission.

Oh Blessed Virgin, do thou always assist me. Grant that on my every fall, I may rise one step closer to thee and God! Amen.

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