Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MJ and My Sister (July 13, 2009, Monday)

Just a few days from now, my sister would be celebrating her birthday. Ironically, it is the day that the annual local festivity here would end - and I believe - with such a wild activity. I guess the only consolation from that are the awesome fireworks to be held at night as a farewell ceremony.

Michael Jackson had been my sister’s inspiration for quite a long time now. Most of the time I see her buried with her MJ projects - from website to essay. I kept wondering what will happen to her if suddenly Michael would be gone away. And unexpectedly, it came very soon.

When the news reached my sister of his sudden death, I couldn’t believe her actions. The moment after was like a nightmare. She was crying and almost panting, she said she believed it to be true. At first, I was skeptical and it was the following Wednesday that I was convinced when I glanced from the local newspaper stating that he passed away.

Dreadfully, I felt like my sister’s world was shattered. And no matter how much I express my sympathy, she was still lacking vigor from time to time. As she asked for my prayers for the repose of his soul, I was rather bent on praying for her than him.

I don’t know why my sister ever liked MJ. He was weird and his style was exotic. His life was wrapped up with full of curiosity and mystery that one can naturally consider him dangerous. He even got albums entitled Bad and Dangerous and such were enough reasons to deem him a bad influence for souls. I tried my best to dissuade her from admiring him but she’s unmovable.

As a person who always thinks positive, I sometimes asked her to tell more about MJ. You bet, she was never out of words for him and even to the point that I had to cut off our conversation due to day’s work or night’s bedtime. From there, I learned of his charitable works for the maimed and abandoned and of how he made orphaned children happy by his mere jovial presence.

Indeed, he may be a good guy. Perhaps my sister was right that somewhere beneath, Michael had a good heart that is quite unnoticeable by the average person. He wished evil to no one yet many people loved to pin him down. He was rather a person whose character cannot be easily judged for even though he got an out of this world get up, he managed to care for his children and be a good father still. Thereupon, Our Lord’s words rang on my mind that “Judge not, that you may not be judged” and that “the publicans and the harlots shall go into the kingdom of God before you.”

It sucks to know that my sister would be celebrating her natal day with MJ on the grave. He was her greatest inspiration but she’s all alone now. I just hope she’d get over with it. Prayers work and I’ll never cease believing for brighter days.

I can never be an MJ fan for I’ve long abandoned admiring celebrities. I’ve decided it’s best to look up instead on saints and the Blessed Virgin as role models. But as for Michael, he had influenced my sister to have a meaning in her life and I simply couldn’t be ungrateful for that.

Somebody gave MJ a rose. I may never have a chance to throw flowers on his tomb but offering Masses for his soul is the worthiest of all. And this I will always do in gratitude for the many things he did that had touched my sister - creating in her a better way of life.

Eternal rest grant unto Michael’s soul, oh Lord. And let your perpetual help shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen. Oh Blessed Virgin, meet his soul in pity!

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