Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Most Cherished Person (June 29, 2009, Monday)

Today’s something I cherished as 2 Filipino SSPX priests are celebrating their priesthood anniversaries. Sts. Peter and Paul must have been really enjoying their day in Heaven to see many fervent priests sacrificing their lives to continue what they had begun 2000 years ago.

Cherishing this day is the same way as I’ve treasured family birthdays and other Church feasts. That is why I thought it befitting to write about something that has long been due. An acquaintance even proposed that I write about it to include on his next book but I simply remained stagnant. I was hesitant for I just couldn’t make up my mind. I may say that almost a year had passed and it was only now I realized I had accidentally denied his noble request. Poor thing… Nevertheless, I sense something still needs to be done that I began collecting my thoughts once again. Finally, this is the moment that I’m going to write about the one whom I cherished most: Mom.

Believe it or not, but it’s Mom whom I deeply love most in this world. People may think otherwise since we have great differences and even up close to clashing debates. But that’s not enough to break my love for her. Because in spite of our being opposites, we still have similarities. Her blood reigns on my veins and I found out that whatever I have came only from her. If ever I did my best, it was only because she taught me how. If ever I was strong, it was because she gave me an example on herself. And if ever I am deeply rooted on the Catholic faith, it was because her basic teachings about God became my cornerstone.

Favoritism is common among parents and Mom isn’t an exemption. Growing up with 5 siblings ahead of me, I was in no better situation. Too many times I experienced that but the more I see it, the more my love outgrows for her. For somewhere along, it has supplied me enough competence and confidence. I remember how a friend once recalled, “No mother thinks ill for her child.” Indeed, that’s how she thinks it best and I can only watch her decision so long as it doesn’t contradict the Faith.

A mother’s love can never be equaled. Of course, (setting aside Our Heavenly Mother) it may have its own imperfections but it’s only there to give the child a chance to acquire a keener understanding of life. For in each misdeed, we can arm ourselves better. And for every unpleasant circumstance, there arises the challenge to improve one’s character.

Such has been the inspirations of Mom. And I felt it more of an intuition than infusion. Even though her not-so-good marriage with Dad hampered the ideal mother I was looking up on her, I’m still dumbfounded on how she squeezed everything just to make both ends meet. It was then I realized that true love consists of not just merely having what one craves. Instead, it’s the combination of like and dislike wherein one can ultimately discern what LOVE really is.

Hence, loving Mom next to God is the thing I’d like to pursue. It’s the next best thing, as the saying goes. She gave me deeds that are both consoling and aching. Most of all, it was her very own self that showed me the various aspects of this life. Small things may be attributed to Mom but it’s already big for those who knew her fully well. I’ve heard a lot of what people say about Mom’s personality but deep down, her heart is still a jewel that’s precious and overwhelming.

Each of us has different stories to tell about our most cherished person in this planet. It can be the one who granted us that stuff we’re dying to have. Or it can be that significant other who yielded us that perfect love we’re searching for. Or still, it can be that folk who never chided us on whatever we do be it good or bad. But as for me, I’d still prefer to choose Mom among the several persons who’ve crossed my life. It was she who led me on the way to discovering the genuine essence of life. And having gone so far as to what I am now, I could only thank her for being simply my wonderful Mom.

Oh Blessed Mother, I thank thee for bestowing to me such a great Mom. Grant me the grace to respect her all the time and may it be written and engraved on my heart that I may never fail to do so! Amen.

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