Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Unique Privilege (July 11, 2009, Saturday)

The first Sunday of July was blessed to have 3 SSPX brothers present in the usual Mass schedule early morning. All of them originated from our lowly chapel and were actually spending their vacations. And upon entering the chapel, to my great astonishment, I found the 4 religious consecrated men - the other one was the visiting priest - singing the Divine Office inside the house which was adjacent to the chapel.

It had reminded me of our initial visit to a traditional Catholic Church. Our Lady of Victories Church was serene, elegant and clean. 3 priests and 2 brothers were praying in the elevated place which was especially built for them in the sanctuary. Then the brother clapped and all arose, made the Sign of the Cross, and started chanting the Divine Office. I was captivated and completely spellbound noticing their exceptional politeness and interior disposition. For the first time ever, I felt like I was in the company of saints uttering praises to the Triune God.

It left me with a desire to observe them even more and admiring their melodious voices, I stopped my prayers and followed them by heart. As days passed by and we heard Mass there on Sundays, I began realizing that there was no rank or superiority when it comes to praying the Office. I remember seeing the district superior and the prior choose the insignificant position never minding the younger priest to take the lead. Humility had been instilled on them and it is true to say that it reveals the sublime character of souls.

Such were the wonderful memories that reveled on my mind as I listen to them repeating exactly those words I heard sang 8 years ago. Their harmonious voices may be faint as the faithful were already reciting the Rosary but I was still glad to experience it once more. It is a rare incident to occur here and those edifying actions were the ones I long missed. I yearned for it to resuscitate me from this sinking world and having the unique privilege to behold it again, I was certain Our Lord is beseeching me to imitate those beautiful virtues and breathe the purer air that enfolds the religious life.

Oh Lord my God, grant me to love Thy ways. Strengthen my resolve not to offend Thee any longer so that Thou wilt always find a dwelling in my heart! Amen.

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