Sunday, May 06, 2007

All About My Day

It’s Sunday and my blog is one week already. I can’t believe that writing has become my pleasure already. I’m glad about it and I do hope I’ll be able to continue this! Well, only God knows.Saturday saw me composing a story about my Dad. Author Gary E. Lang contacted me here about his upcoming dad and daughter book. So I made one and sent it to him this morning. For those who want to contribute – Dad and daughters specifically – feel free to find him elsewhere in this blog network. Or if you can’t, just contact me here and I’ll give you his email.

Early morning I was able to do some postings. Though I find out that my pc was hanging most of the time. It’s quite malfunctioning and I don’t know what’s wrong. Perhaps spams and other cookies…

This afternoon as I’m typing, the day is sunny and not a single wind is blowing. Indeed, I’m perspiring! Whew! It’s terrible. Late at night after my work and I completely retire, I’m surely going to find a breeze, where I’d feel fresh once again.

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