Monday, May 14, 2007

Traversing Amidst Tribulations

These days, I was very busy helping my brother who was hired to work last April 30. It was hard taking some of his responsibilities at home. Also, I was not accustomed in ironing men’s clothes. Compared to us, girls, my brother’s apparels are really big and time consuming. I’m still adjusting given my work schedule and prayers are also there too. Indeed, it was antagonizing but there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for charity. After all, I believe everything is easily handled and done for God’s merciful love.

Mothers’ Day came and it was sort of dry and weird day. I never felt like this before on the past Mothers’ Days. And I just don’t know why I felt so empty. Though I have had a normal temperament. Nonetheless, Happy Mothers’ Day, Mom! Hope you find happiness and serenity of mind soon. Despite our great differences, I still and will forever love you, Mom, more than words could ever express.

I’m right at the moment creating websites. And there, I want to prioritize my time first since I only got a small time at present. I might not be able to be back for quite a long time but rest assured, I will not abandon this blog. I’ve started it and as long as it’s possible, I’ll continue it.

Before I go, let me share this story. I remember once I got angry to my sister who’s doing our laundry when I saw my clothes weren’t in the laundered things. I reprimanded her that my everyday clothes should be first since I’m early in taking bath. Ever since that, she did what I said and I can see it up to this day. Now, I feel so guilty about it. I realized how I should have kept myself as lowly as can be. I’m so ashamed that I was that fool and blind. Fool that I couldn’t aspire to be like our Divine Savior - Who was crucified innocently for mankind’s sake. Blind that I didn’t perceive it was Jesus who’s asking me to participate actively in His sufferings.

Yes, I had no graces at that time. Or maybe as I mature and grow older, the Blessed Virgin Mary is implanting on me the graces I need to remain humble and serve God better. I’m not sure if I have enough patience God requires of me as I still get a bit irritated on things I dislike. But with the assistance of my most Blessed Mother, I hope to strive better and increase my humility and patience more and more. I pray that I may never go astray again and that I continuously learn to bend my will to God’s Holy Will. It is a constant battle within my whole self and it’s the hardest warfare I ever know. I earnestly pray that God will grant me the necessary graces so as to win the road to sanctification wherein He may forever abide in me and I in Him.

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