Thursday, May 03, 2007

Interesting and Uplifting

I visited the SSPX Asia website and saw many wonderful news. It can all be summarized on one topic: vocations! I was glad to see that 3 Filipinos left for Holy Cross Seminary in Australia to study Holy Priesthood. They joined the other Filipino seminarian, Nino Nakila from Bohol or Cebu, who’s a year ahead of them, I guess. Their names are Messrs. Giovanni Escamilla from Palawan, Mark Lomod from Bohol, and the other one I still don't know the name. I’ll be counting on them! God willing after 6 years they’re Ambassadors of God already!

I love vocations and I’m all for that despite the fact that my parents dislike it. I guess the more I’m pressured, the more I’m stronger and resolute to try. Those gentlemen are encouraging me and give me a brighter hope. Wow, these men are great for choosing no other occupation than to be servants of God! They’re brave and lucky enough that their parents agreed or let them simply go! I hope the religious vocations would grow even bigger that every parish have10 priests or more to administer the Sacraments for the faithful! That’s my dream!

Anyways, since I’ve started it already, let me take this opportunity to introduce to you the 8 SSPX Filipino (Filipinos!) priests. Fr. Joven Soliman from Bicol who’s Prior in the Philippines’ Our Lady of Victories Church (OLVC); Fr. Emerson Salvador from Bulacan who’s assigned in Singapore; Fr. Aurelito Cacho from Bohol who’s assigned in OLVC; Fr. Carlo Magno Saa from Osamiz who’s assigned in Zimbabwe; Fr. Gerard Fallarcuna from Manila who’s assigned in Mexico; Fr.Albert Ghela from Koronadal who’s assigned in the St. Bernard Noviciate in Iloilo; Fr. Roy Dolotina from Bohol (again!) who’s assigned in OLVC; Fr. Fidel Ferrer from Marikina who’s assigned in Argentina. Wow, finally I was able to put a period there! Well, that’s how those 8 priests are situated at present. All for the love of God!!!

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Carlo Alphonsus said...

dear kristine,

the other Filipino who was with Messrs. Ecamilla and Lomod in entering Holy Cross Seminary was Carlo Alphonsus Magat of Manila.