Thursday, May 03, 2007

Cherishing Most

What are the things you cherished most? As for me, aside from Holy Mass, it's my Brown Scapular, the Holy Water, the Rosary, and the Holy Cord of St. Joseph. My Brown Scapular as it gives me spiritual happiness; the Holy Water as it helps me to be a better Christian; the Rosary as it brings me closer to my Blessed Mother; the Holy Cord as it protects my chastity.

Sometimes, I just couldn’t imagine myself without it. I feel like a wanderer, not knowing where to go, or where he is. That if not guided by the Divine Light, the soul will lead to a mud staining itself with all kinds of dirt and germs too. It’s so contagious that it leaves the soul weary and weak to clean itself. Nor can it fight them away. But only through the wellspring which abundantly flows from the Blessed Virgin Mary. With her continuous intercession, the soul will become strong and reconsider itself. It might not be as spotless as it was before but it will be an experience it won’t forget. The will learn to be competent and refuse the dark road. It reminds the soul that eternal salvation is first and foremost. That it could meet the Divine Judge anytime soon. Indeed, living a saintly life and achieving it is a treasure that one couldn’t ask for more.

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