Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I guess I dread teaching. Although I’m quick to learn but I hardly teach. I don’t know, but maybe because I ‘m the youngest. Frankly, it takes me a lot of minutes just to merely teach simple English verbs. Don’t try to ask me about Algebra or anything that involves mathematical functions. I might as well fall to my bed in tire of explaining it!

But if need be, I’m ready for it. Besides, the ability to learn is the ability to teach as well. I guess I just need time. I’ll try to learn how to teach others. Someday, I’ll find a way to my nemesis. One sure thing is the prayer made by St. Thomas Aquinas entitled “To Mary: For Success in Study”. It’s a good prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary but one should also give his best and not simply rely on prayer. As St. James said: “faith without works is dead." The two should never be separable.

As I make my progress, I know I’d be making ends meet. I’ll learn and teach at the same time. Oh my, it would be very challenging and only God knows if I survive. If I do, I’d only say:” mihi vivere Christus est”!

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