Thursday, May 24, 2007

Once Again

Hey there! I’m so glad I’m back again. Last Saturday, there was a fiesta in honor of the chapel’s patron, Our Lady of Fatima. It was supposed to be on May 13, but they moved it due to political election! So crazy they did that. It’s as if those politicians are more important than Our Blessed Lady who bore our God, Jesus Christ. This one was indeed insulting to Our Lord, but what’s more was the irony of the fiesta! After the Rosary and the usual Novus Ordo Mass, the plaza (which was situated in front of the chapel exploded its full of pop, rock, disco music with loud speakers. All the way until 12 midnight. This is certainly not what Our Lady of Fatima asked for. She asks for our continued prayers and penances for mankind’s sins. Unfortunately, they’re just adding up and wounding Our Lady even more. It’s so blasphemous and they frequently do that. That night I asked pardon of God and pleaded for their conversion.

Next is, I finished doing my websites. Of course, I wouldn’t be here had I didn’t! Deo Gratias! Finally, I can relax and read other things on the computer. I think I’m eyeing on Theology. Sometime or when I feel I want, I’ll also do postings.

My brother had 2 days off and I grabbed the opportunity to have fun, talk with him, or whatever simple things we do when he’s still here before. However on Sunday, he and Mom went to Davao to hear Mass. Traveling there is certainly long hours. So it happened that our get together was short, nonetheless, it was happily lived. I’m much happier that he was able to receive Our Lord than spending time with us, siblings.

Oh, I guess I haven’t yet said that I already finished reading the Way of Perfection. It was indeed nice and I treasure every spiritual words from that book. It sanctified me more and helped me to bear all my trials with even more patience and dicretion. My gratitude goes to Mrs. Ghela for advising me to read it. Thank you so much!

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