Monday, May 07, 2007

My Pets

I’ve 7 dogs: siblings Michael Cherubim and Gabrielle Seraphim, and their pups Judiel Thrones, Uriel Dominations, Sealtiel Powers, Michaela (who was suffocated by its placenta), and Barachiel Virtues. They’re very energetic, like us, and were happy to be with us all the time. Well, that’s how our dogs were and they gave me unconditional love.

Having animal demands a lot of responsibilities. Nonetheless, it’s worth the effort. Animals, most especially our dogs, are very loyal and sweet. They’d lick you, play with you, bark when there’s a stranger, or simply follow you wherever.

It was such a horrible blow when they passed away late 2003. When we migrated to Mindanao, they had caught canine distemper. Our 2nd vet tried everything to save them but one by one the disease slowly took their lives. I felt helpless. I didn’t know where to turn to save in prayer. With tears flowing in my eyes, I watched them as they’re being buried. I couldn’t believe they’re already gone. But then, I realized God willed all these things to happen as we’re already incapable of having 6 dogs here in our small apartment.

We fondly took a lot of pictures of them. Even to the point that Mom and Dad got irritated about it. “Naku, puro aso na naman ang kinnunan nyo,” (Sigh, it’s all doggie pictures that you took once again), they commented as they browse on the developed photos. Now that they’re gone, we gathered all their pictures and realized how regrettable it is that we have but only few. These photographs are the only thing we have on our beloved dogs. For only 3 years of company, they left me still longing for more. It was abrupt but I would say it was happily lived. Michael, Seraphim, Judiel, Uriel, Sealtiel, and Barachiel will certainly live forever in my heart.

Since then, I also try to feed the stray dogs and cats around our area. And sometimes they come again to beg. By the way, I would like to say here that I also love the Hollywood dogs. Among them are Ben Affleck’s dogs named Angel, Hutch, and Martha Stewart; and Orlando Bloom’s dogs named Sidi, Maude, and Guero. They’re very cute and will make you smile or laugh! Indeed, I take pleasure on their pictures!

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