Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ups and Downs

[This one is supposed to be on May 1st. However, I could not connect here yesterday. Anyhow, here is it - Editor's note]

It’s the first day of the month and it’s summer vacation already. It’s what we call “bakasyon na naman” (vacation once more) here. Being a tropical country, I’m sure people here – young and old alike – are on their way or planning ahead their summer getaway. Hmm… Beaches, sand, surfing, scuba diving, etc… As for me, I personally don’t like summer as I don’t like getting tanned. Though, I like beaches… I much prefer winter season a lot. You know, those cold days where you have to wear scarves and gloves and where you can build Mr. Snowman or simply have fun with snow/snowflakes! Yes, I’m much a Caucasian than an Asian. I don’t know but I quite admire the Caucasian life… nonetheless, I’m Asian in many way too… Like my types of food – I love rice rather than bread. I feel like bread is just for breakfast or snack time but seldom on meal times. And when I haven’t eaten rice, I’m not that energized. Like I am half-charged!

Anyways, this month of May is very significant to me for 2 reasons… It’s because Mother’s Day is just weeks ahead and the other one is… I think it’s better for you not to know. Secret!

It was such a bad (I mean, really bad) thing that Mom didn’t take the lab tests yesterday. She reasoned that we need to be thrifty at present. I hope she’d undergo those lab requests soon.

I’m planning to work in Makati as I was called for a job interview there. They called me again yesterday about that. However, I still have to talk to my Dad. He doesn’t want me to go there. I’m still hoping against hope that he’d change his mind, though. I hope Divine Providence will move his heart soon.

I happened to chance upon the SSPX official website and saw their semi annual Christendom magazine. I was surprised and happy to see that their front cover is the SSPX District of Asia! And most priests there are from my native country!

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